Hosted by award-winning journalist Maria Hinojosa, In The Thick is a podcast about politics and the race to the White House in 2016. It examines the week’s political coverage through a diverse lens with different perspectives.

Guests Featured:

  • Michelle Wu, Boston City Council President
  • Wajahat Ali, journalist
  • Jason Johnson, The Root
  • Daniel Garza, Libre Initiative
  • Daniella Gibbs Léger, Center for American Progress
  • Angela Maria Kelley, Center for American Progress Action Fund
  • Terrell Starr, Fusion
  • Jamil Smith, MTV News
  • Basil Smikle, New York State Democratic Party
  • Tara Houska, Bernie Sanders campaign
  • Amanda Terkel, Huffington Post
  • Hadas Gold, Politico
  • Marcela García, The Boston Globe
  • Adrian Carrasquillo, BuzzFeed News
  • Tarini Parti, BuzzFeed News
  • Darren Sands, BuzzFeed News
  • Suzanne Gamboa, NBC News
  • Liz Llorente, Fox News Latino
  • Jeff Yang, CNN Featured Contributor
  • Jane Coaston, MTV News
  • Izzy Ortega, Opportunity Lives
  • Tim Mak, The Daily Beast
  • Bettina Inclán, political strategist

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